Saturday, December 9, 2017

So Taluli and I are fans of toy unboxing in youtube, we chanced upon a youtuber who unboxed the Animal Planet Mega Shark and Whale Toy Set and decided to venture out and check out it's price so I can buy my boy one, but lo and behold, 

PHP 9,247.00 - What?

So the resourceful mom that I am decided to look around and I see online that Toys R us is selling this item way lower

$21.00 - PHP 1,050 come on. Lazada, what a rip off.

So I seeked help from US friends to get me an  Animal Planet Mega Shark and Whale Toy Set from Toys 'R us during cyber monday sale. The toy arrived and we unboxed it. This is taluli's dream toy, so YOU CAN JUST IMAGINE the look in his eyes when he got this present unannounced. You can watch our youtube video here: 

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Is it or is it not dengue?

Signs to watch out for to get ahead of your child’s dengue fever
Read the full Article HERE

Fighting a child’s fever: A gameplan for moms

A child that feels down tends to be a red flag for a parent. It is usually a sign that he or she is ill. A child’s well being is top priority, so seeing your little one active and having a good time once again is a sight you want to see. To know more about it READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Throwback: How I first found out that I was pregnant

I am a happy go lucky positively driven individual like most single assertive women out there. I thrive in overcoming hurdles, selling something excites me, writing songs and playing it in front of an audience regardless put some type of a balance in my personality. I was beginning to enjoy my passion in life, performing for the pleasure of my ego and wallet. I realized I was somewhat happy partied AF out of my depression and then baam!!

Taluli came along.

I found about it through the persistence of my guy colleagues who apparently are more aware of me than I am of myself. they saw the signs, I was looking at the period of the girls that we were handling at that time and I was too stupid to use protection during sexual intercourse. They said the signs that they see are that of a pregnant woman. They even had me on a conference meeting with my boss. I laughed them off but was scared to take the test. How did I finally know? I started becoming absent minded, last straw was I was riding the elevator and started to light up a cigarette like effing sure now, I was not myself, so i thought I have to get myself checked. Worried that I was having a mental dysfunction, I of course consulted doctor google before heading to a specialist where I found out, my sign is one of the rare signs of early pregnancy. Putting that plus the assumptions of people around me and the inaccuracy of the tests I took, led me to go to an OB -GYN and viola! 6 weeks pregnant was I. I did what decent ex partners would do, informed him he is going to be a daddy, you know what this hell of a guy told me? "Will you be keeping it?" I said "Fuck you, of course I will because I am taking responsibility for what is given to me asshole." and then hung up. I don't consider him as a bad person at all, I found him funny for being a total idiot, until now I find him funny, He is playing this idiot card quite well and it is making us good friends however he chooses to see his kid.

What do I have to offer to this kid, so I thought. I have a job that was going on a different direction, A car that was about to be gone, a big ass Rottweiler then, who's name was Sasha and a Boston Terrier named Pablito the babies before this zygote and no daddy because I broke up with the dude before knowing.

What the fuck is going on? Who knows?

So I trekked this motherhood with the help of my mom, who was more excited than I was, Meditation as helped by Dada Deo my guru from Montalban and the new friends I found along the way, mommies with big hearts showering you with love in the times when you thought life has started to betray you. There was so much light and love until the day he finally came.

It became the beginning of the happiest, scariest ride of my life.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

It's been a long and busy year of motherhood.

Well, what do you know? Talulibugs my precious lovely baby bear is a year and 2 weeks old.

All I can say is motherhood is a fun nerve wracking duty that you need a sense of balance in your life.

It consumes you with additional anxieties you have never experienced before.

It is a responsibility that you cannot get away from.

BUT THE REWARD of seeing them unfold right before your eyes as they gain character and skill for the first time is more than winning the lottery. The affection that they display towards your existence in their life if beyond heaven. The baby kisses that they give are like the best and the most thoughtful kisses you will ever have in your life.

I am loving every minute of it.